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Background Checks for Coaches and Volunteers

Liberty-Wilson Youth Baseball requires that all coaches and volunteers must obtain the following clearances:

• Report of criminal history from the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP); and
• Child Abuse History Clearance from the Department of Human Services (Child Abuse).

All coaches and volunteers must also fill out one of the following forms, please click on appropriate document below:

2017 Volunteer Clearances Procedures

Returning Volunteers:

returning-volunteer-app-17 – click on form

Please provide the following

-PA State Police Criminal Record Check

-PA Child Abuse History Clearance

-Returning Volunteer Application-2017

(If I do not have your SSN from last year, your clearance email request will be returned for you to add that information—most are on file)

First-time Volunteers:

volunteer-app-17 – click on form

Please provide the following

-PA State Police Criminal Record Check

-PA Child Abuse History Clearance

-Volunteer Application-2017 with SSN filled in

-Federal Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) or a personal letter clearly stating you have lived in PA for the last 10 years.

-Copy of picture ID

Please email all copies to:

Safety Director-David Perez at


The subject line must read:

2017 clearances for (insert your full name)

Any omissions will result in the email being returned for corrections.

Once all information has been received and accepted, you will receive a reply of confirmation.

New volunteers also need letter affirming that they lived in PA last 10 years, ID (PDL) and SSN must be on Volunteer App.

Additionally, a fingerprint based federal criminal history (FBI) submitted through the Pennsylvania State Police or its authorized agent is required if the volunteer has lived outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the last 10 years.

Coaches and volunteers who are not required to obtain the FBI Clearance because they have been a continuous resident of Pennsylvania for the past 10 years must swear or affirm in writing that they are not disqualified from service based upon a conviction of an offense under §6344.
How much will the clearances cost?

Effective July 25, 2015, the PSP and Child Abuse clearance fee will be waived for anyone who is volunteering to work with children. The cost of the FBI Clearance for those who need it is $27 and is paid by the volunteer.

What is the renewal requirement for clearances?

All coaches and volunteers will be required to obtain clearances every 36 months. Volunteers are required to obtain updated clearances as follows:
• Within 36 months of the date of the most recent certification;
• By July 1, 2015 if their clearance is older than 36 months; or
• By July 1, 2015 if they have not received a clearance because they previously were not required to obtain clearances.

How do I obtain my clearances?

The Child Abuse, PSP and FBI clearances can all be applied and paid for electronically. The FBI clearance also requires a fingerprint submission. All necessary instructions and links to apply for these clearances can be found at:


How often do I need to renew my clearances?

All volunteers will be required to obtain clearances every 60 months.

What to do once I have obtained my clearances?

Once you have received your PSP and Child Abuse clearances, please scan the documents or take a photograph of them and email the results to our Safety Director David Perez at adavidperez@comcast.net

Any questions, please call.

A David Perez
2902 Regency Drive
Sinking Spring PA 19608
Home:  610 898 5122
Cell:  610 468 2807